Friday, June 11, 2010

Revised Steampunk

The horse below is no more!  I painted the area around the horse grey with some drybrushed areas of metallic pewter which doesn't show in the photo......darn!  I also put a rod underneath his feet to "ground" him.
I got a chuckle when Renee said my horse had a spring in his step!  : )  Did you notice the frame is now painted black?  I think the whole thing is better thanks to some much needed advice from friends.  Click to enlarge.


Dawn said...

I love what you have achieved with those little changes... Still have to do mine- Well done!

janene said...

Pat, it is soooo much better now. The metallic does show and it looks like crumpled metal background, which is perfect for this. And the black frame just finishes it off. Congrats, you are now a steampunker! Janene