Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here is the Crow Theater starring Miss Crow-Ella Birdsong. She not only sports the shiniest black feathers, but has a crown on her head, a necklace and an ankle bracelet! This is about as "Halloween-y" as I get. Crow-Ella is a famous singer but only sings on stage....not outdoors. Occasionally she yells "CAW! CAW!". The glitz and glitter don't show up but it's there! Get ready, Crow-Ella....the show must go on!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never Leave Me


Whew......what a relief! This whole Etsy thing started eating away at me and what was supposed to be an adventure in the selling of our wares became a monster! My friend, Char, and I really and truly thought this was what we wanted to do, but suddenly we became acutely aware that is was a JOB now and no longer fun! So once the decision was made, I could again "play" and feel free to choose what I wanted and not what I thought our potential customers wanted. Charlotte designed a gorgeous banner for our blog and for the store. I wish we could use it for something just because I like looking at it! I admire all the Etsy members who pursue this way of promoting and selling their art and handcrafts because it is a heck of a lot of work and planning. I'm retired and want to stay that way!

Here is something I finished today. DH made the wood part for me. When I finished it, he said "who are those girls?" I said "they're your sisters .....don't you recognize them?" NOT! The key is tied with some very old silk bias tape (which is actually a soft aqua and not blue like the photo) and some vintage millinery flowers. I bought a little bunch in Amador City at Sandy's Country Home and I'm being stingy with them. Millinery flowers are hard to come by and expensive! They are limp and faded but I still love them. In fact, the wood isn't blue at all so why does it appear so in the photo? It's cream with a little crackle. The photo isn't good....I need to try it in a different light. The top photo is a close up behind the rusted antique metal fence....the rolled up letter says "Miss you. Come home soon". My mother had 3 sisters and left home at 18 for the big city. She missed her sisters so much and cried for them. This reminds me of all the sisters who have had to leave theirs behind.