Sunday, May 30, 2010


 Yahoo group, Latest Trends in Mixed Media, recently played with steampunk ideas thanks to Sanna who offered to tutor us!  I had never done any steampunk art before and now I may be hooked!   The group is so encouraging and as many times as I thought I'd throw in the towel, there was another encouragement to keep me plodding along.  I think the chain will most likely come off and there will be scrap paper pieces of steampunk illustrations on the top side of the frame.  Not sure yet! seeing the picture more closely, I notice that I tore the paper with the horse a little close to his head!  

Happy Memorial Day 2010

As the wife of a career Air Force Officer, I spent many years moving here and there with a big family.  The military is an exciting, adventurous life.....until the kids become teenagers and they don't appreciate moving away from their friends and school.  We managed to finally settle down in retirement while the boys were in their mid teens. Only one of our children entered the military but I'm proud of hubby and our son for serving.  Fortunately they both came home unscathed.  I wonder how many younger folks have a sense of what it's about....many probably think of it as a picnic day or the beginning of summer without a clue that for many, it is a bittersweet reflection of lost loved ones whose bravery has kept
America free!

I'm posting a picture of another shadow box that I did recently.  It's a 12" square box that is 1 1/2" deep. The pods are "love in a mist" from my friend Sally Paul of Dillon Beach, Ca.  She grows these lovelies there by the ocean and generously shared big bundles of them with me.  They are Sally! Click to enlarge.