Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Storage.....Woo hoo!

I just found the neatest thing for storage. I have a shoebox full of ribbon spools but then there were all the pieces of loose ribbon too long to throw away and not fitting on any spools. I saw this on someone's blog (not sure who!) and she said it was from Lowes....only $11.97. (Doesn't that actually mean $12? LOL) Anyway, the little doors LIFT. They are not drawers. It sits or hangs, and is 14" wide, 19" high and 5" deep.
I also discovered that it will hold spools up to 4" wide so I may get another for the spools and ditch the shoebox idea. Believe me, I've tried all sorts of things to store ribbon! Anyway, for me, this is the cat's pajamas. I love it!
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Revised Collage.....

What? It's been since July 28th since my last post? Well, I think I might have removed the Lauren and Sam post since I thought maybe my grandkids antics weren't all that interesting to other people after all!
This post is showing the revised (again) collage now named "The Girl and the Bluebird". Revised because I had to put a piece of handwriting somewhere on it to enter in the New Trends in Mixed Media group's August collage contest. I also added a few other things (shouldn't I be taking things away instead?). It takes courage sometimes to promote our own work and yet I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing what others think, good or bad. It's sure not a perfect example of collage but I think I'm growing each time I attempt something. Hopefully....

I've not done a lot recently....life seems to get in the way of art, doesn't it? In a way, I look forward to fall and winter and being "holed up" in the house; on the other hand, I somewhat dread the craziness of the holidays. I need to learn to take life as it comes....one day at a time.....not look too far into the future lest I become overwhelmed with what I know is coming. I don't handle the holidays so well anymore. It's almost like "been there, done that" and maybe I'm just enjoying the simple things of life more and more. Dragging out box after box after box of Christmas paraphernalia seems so redundant after 55 years of Christmases with my DH and family. Do I sound jaded? I don't mean to be....just being realistic, I guess.