Sunday, May 30, 2010


 Yahoo group, Latest Trends in Mixed Media, recently played with steampunk ideas thanks to Sanna who offered to tutor us!  I had never done any steampunk art before and now I may be hooked!   The group is so encouraging and as many times as I thought I'd throw in the towel, there was another encouragement to keep me plodding along.  I think the chain will most likely come off and there will be scrap paper pieces of steampunk illustrations on the top side of the frame.  Not sure yet! seeing the picture more closely, I notice that I tore the paper with the horse a little close to his head!  


Dawn said...

This is a truly fabulous steampunk horse and you should feel really PROUD of yourself, it is magnificent


janene said...

Not that you asked, but I think I'd like steampunk kind of pics on the frame and then the chain over them. For a novice steampunker, you're doing great. I've got some old Popular science mags Cat gave me - do you need some images? Janene