Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who Are These People?

It was a hot day in Sacramento....3rd day of near 100 degrees but not too hot to keep me home!
Went garage sale-ing today and found a few items. One is a dictionary that is 4" thick and weighs about 10 pounds! It's going to become an altered book for my grandson's college graduation. I needed a huge book because his mom has given me so many goodies that I'll have to make a few niches to get them all in. Glad he's a big strong guy so he can lift it...LOL
Also, today I picked up two very old lovely frames with what looked like cabinet cards. When I got home, I took them apart and found two other folks inside the now I have a husband and wife plus their child and the stern mother-in-law. I'm just guessing about MIL, but I know the couple was married. The 70ish lady who sold them to me said she remembered them in her grandmother's house and thinks they were
her grandmother's great-grandparents....I'm thinking mid 1850's by the dress. Anyway, you are free to take them and do with them whatever you want. Another successful garage sale day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sew What?

Had a lot of vintage sewing ephemera and have been wanting to do an assemblage or shrine type thing with it. Finally got busy and put it all together. I love the colors and all the little doo-dads. The lid is shown on the left. It's in a wooden box about 8 1/2" square painted an oldish blue-green. Pretty much every thing is vintage. Some of the hooks and eyes and button cards say 4 cents or 8 cents! I found that J. C. Penneys was a great source for the home seamstress. The picture on the inside of the lid is a copy of some vintage scrap advertising Clark's ONT thread. If I ever get my Etsy store (scary!), I might sell this baby although I am pretty attached to it already!
I have a 6 drawer antique spool cabinet that is one of my favorite things....teardrop pulls and glass fronts on the drawers that are backed with red. The drawers read Clark's - Spool Cotton - On White Spools - O.N.T. (our new thread) - George A. Clark - Sole Agent.
I'd like to say click on pictures for a larger view but it rarely works for me. Maybe I just don't know how to do it. Good possibility! Sorry.