Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few New Fun and Games

Here's a few new things over the past 6 weeks or so. I had fun with them which is the best part. Don't you love it when you have all the components for scouring thrift stores, yard sales, etc.? The arcade was a cigar box, the little girl shrine was a tall wooden whisky box, the flower pot was a scroungy looking thing which now has a new life thanks to some gesso and crackle. I'm happy to be getting some of these wooden boxes off my closet shelf....Fibber McGee's closet for those of you who remember! The bird image was from a napkin that I decoupaged onto the pot. I liked doing it so much that I scored a bunch of nice clay pots recently and plan to make a production line of pots....good gifties, ya think?
The little square bird is a 4 x 4 canvas that has a strip of scrapbook paper on the side with a bird napkin decoupaged on it and then covered with beeswax. I'm going to be very sad when the bird napkin supply runs dry. I only have one or two left....they are as scarce as hen's teeth! Next post will be a recipe for "barley water". Before you poo poo it, you must try it! Nutritious, but more than's delicious!

55th Wedding Anniversary

Wow! This can't be! August 12 was my last post? Lots of craziness in my big family so I've focused more on this stuff than on art I suppose. I did a few things which I should post although I've hesitated since they were things that magazines and books had inspired me to try. I always feel like I should have more ingenuity and not have to use other people's ideas. But I did like the results!

We just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary on September 26th at Lake Tahoe which was a lovely, relaxing time. Marriage is really an interesting topic these days as I've received comments all the way from "I'm sorry!", to people who are stunned that anyone could actually stay married that long! We are parents, grandparents and great grandparents, and though I will admit it wasn't always a bed of roses, at this stage of the game, we both thank God for His provision and blessing in our marriage. I made Ed a little book that pinpoints some events in his life and he seemed genuinely touched. Whenever I have made a book for anyone, he always asked "Is that one for me?" He finally got his book! When I look at our wedding picture, (and he was movie star cute!), I wonder if I would have ever dreamed what the next 55 years would bring? I think it's good that we can't always see into the future. I was not even 19 years old and had no vision of real adulthood but I learned FAST! As an Air Force wife, we had more than our share of separations but oh, those reunions!!! : ) Life is very comfortable after 55 years together. Enough of to post some more pictures finally!