Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chipboard Jewelry

Charlotte and I attended a class recently where we made jewelry....I'm not a "regular" jewelry wearing person as I wear the same gold earrings every day....even sleep in them! So I'm not sure what prompted me to sign up but I'm glad I did now, as I really love the look of this and will probably wear it when I put on my "grubbies"'s just grungy looking and fun! There isn't much to it except painting the cardboard (pounced on acrylic paint in metallic colors) and gluing & wiring on whatever little goodies you have on hand. The piece with the couple on front is actually a little book of black pages. Three of these pages have pictures of vintage children on them. Of course, they must be the couple's children!
On to my next's in my head. Now to get it from there to reality!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

MaryTagged Me!

That "Green Woman", Mary, tagged me....I think it's a compliment!? Ok, I'll write a few things about me that might surprise some of you....
then again...?
Here's how it works, you get tagged and you list 6 things about yourself, unimportant, random,habits and quirks. Then you tag 6 people and link them at the end of your post. Then you inform them they've been tagged and on it goes.

1. I was born in 1934 but I'm only 49 years old. Amazing, isn't it?

2. I have been married since 1953 but I'm about to celebrate my first 100 years with DH....(time goes fast when you're having fun! LOL.......just kidding, Ed)

3. I have 7 sons, 19 grandchildre
n and 6 great grandchildren. (Well, jeez, since I've been married so long I should have something to show for it, right?)

4. I am still amazed by the computer and can sit forever looking at blogs, history, email, etc. (so much for walking 10,000 steps a day) I just read (online) the entire true narrative (42 chapters) of a slave woman named Harriet Jacobs. I couldn't stop reading her fascinating history, though terribly heartbreaking.

5. I'd rather play with my art stuff than clean (duh) and I like to cook because I like to eat.

6. I'm blessed beyond comprehension thanks to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

That's it! Now to tag some unsuspecting blogger friends:

6. Kim

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Circles and Daisies

Here's an ATC for Altered StART mingle. The theme was Circles....hmmm. I think I could have done better with the theme but this is what came to mind. The paper is beautiful handmade, very colorful paper I picked up at a yard sale. The embellishment is foam with a sun stamp....and some gold embossing. I always wish I had made two of the mingle to swap and one to keep, but I never do!

The daisy picture is a vintage postcard that had daisies pictured so I just embellished with pressed daisies over the printed ones and covered the entire card with beeswax. Love the salutation "Hello Girlie"! I'm thinking of sending it in the mail just like it is to see how the PO handles it. The colors are really prettier in real life.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New it finished?

This is the first thing I've done for several days. I must have spring fever as I haven't felt like hanging out in the studio/crap room. Ooops, I mean craft room. Don't want to garden or clean or anything. Just lazy!

It was fun to work on, as this little guy reminded me so much of my youngest son, Tommy, when he was about 3. I used some gold angelina fiber on his hair.....just enough, but not too much. The piece is on heavy matt board and is 8 1/2 x 8 1/2. It hangs by the blue ribbon. I used stamping, vintage paper, crochet from a very old pillowcase and buttons. I always have a hard time trying to figure out if it's "DONE" or if it needs more. Maybe less? Well, it's finished and I'm not doing anything else to it must be "DONE"!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our "music" mingle at Altered StART just made me think of dad's first cousin. She died in childbirth with her first child in the late 20's. Her name's mention was always followed with "Olivia...she died in childbirth, you know". Poor Olivia....she was an only child herself and in this photo was sitting by the piano with a piece of sheet music on her lap and a big hairbow in her hair. Her parents were well-to-do, owning a retail store in the little town of Ludell, Kansas. Her cousins, on the other hand, were not so well off, but Olivia always had nice clothes & shoes, not to mention a piano! She was perfect for this "music" mingle theme. Frances, our group mom, will receive this piece in the mingle draw.

Pansies and Cherubs

Here's a spring lottery card for Altered StART group. I used dried pansies and cherubs to bring a spring theme to mind. I love the pansies....they dry so beautifully between pages of a book and keep their color so well. Gold micro beads make curls on the cherub's hair. Beeswax covers it all.