Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sewing Assemblage

Vintage sewing items and old advertising scrap is what makes up this assemblage. It's at Katrina's in Folsom on Sutter Street. I think it turned out pretty sweet. Everything is removable.....held together with glue dots. Old spools, little bottles of buttons, odds and ends of sewing ephemera. I had made another and permanently affixed everything.....people wanted to take things out! I'm very stingy with my advertising scrap but just had to use the old Coats and Clark advertising on this piece.

Leather Pendants

Here's a couple of leather pendants made for an online class .....New Trends In Mixed Media Yahoo Group. I made several and traded one for one. They have little "books" inside. Always have in my mind a teeny tiny pencil to put through the front but the only source I could find said they were discontinued! If anyone know a source, I'd love to know. They aren't fat like golf pencils.....they are only about
1/8 th inch thick.