Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photoshop Elements 8

Wow, I just bought myself a birthday present!  I am now the proud owner of Photoshop Elements 8 which I purchased at Costco for $49.95 with their coupon!  The regular price at Costco is $79.95 and probably close to $100.00 elsewhere.   My Yahoo group "Latest Trends in Mixed Media" is so helpful with these things.....everyone jumps in to help whenever you have a question or problem.   A great CD was included by Linda Sattgast  that appears to be the perfect tutorial.  I'm excited about learning so watch for me to post something soon!  If you are interested in the software, it's available for $49.95 for a while longer....ask for the coupon at the customer service counter if you didn't get one in the mail.  The CD from Linda is considered to be superior in helping in the learning curve.  Wish me luck!

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